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2 min readApr 28, 2021

Gabija Guzauskaite is a multi-tasking businesswoman. She is involved in various businesses including modeling, content creation, and more. Gabija’s work as a model has been published in major publications such as Seventeen Magazine and Sophisticate’s. Her modeling work has also been on billboards, bus ads, train ads, in stores such Walgreen’s and Walmart nationwide, and my global campaign for Hard Rock Cafe was in stores all around the world.

Gabija’s piece of advice and future goals

Gabija’s upcoming goals for 2021 include a lot of self-improvement and producing even better quality work. She has always desired to elevate to the next level. She wants her new business venture as a content creator to grow as she does, along with growing as a model as well. Currently, Gabija is pushing for more fashion publications as well as several beauty campaigns and hopes to land a contract abroad with her new international agent. ‘A no is not a never. It’s just a no for that particular time and it does not mean it will be a no later’, advises Gabija. She suggests not getting discouraged as artists after hearing no again and again in the industry. Gabija encourages models and wants them to realize that they may get 99 no’s, but one yes can change everything.

Life-changing moments and learning revealed by Gabija Guzauskaite

Gabija had several life-altering moments in her career. The first was her first beauty campaign ever, which was Walgreen’s. Everyone’s view of her being instantly changed was a surprise and people started to take her seriously and thus, began the domino effect of her success. The second moment was working with Jordan Liberty for the first time. Working with him opened many doors for her, and she still loves getting a chance to work with him. One of the major things that she learned from her mistakes early in her career is to never burn bridges as it could lead to lost opportunities. ‘If you just don’t vibe with someone, thank them for their time and move on. Don’t speak negatively of them behind their back, as it will reflect poorly on you’, marks Guzauskaite.

Gabija’s key success attribute and long-term vision

Guzauskaite considers building networks as one of the most important things she has done for her career growth. She recognizes the fact that friendships are very important in the highly competitive modeling industry. According to her, people remember us not only for our work but also for who we are as a person. Thus it’s crucial to let our personality shine. Gabija’s long-term vision is to transition into a full-scale content production company with a complete team. She also wants to continue working on acting and produce an interesting TV show in the future.



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