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3 min readJul 22, 2021

Meet Marc A Taylor, the CEO of Taylor Made Investors and Taylor Marine Techs Llc, Florida. He has worked in the air force for several years(8) and is now managing his career in the real estate industry well enough. Marc’s work ethic is an inspiration for the people who hesitate to explore various opportunities that come their way.

About Marc A Taylor

Marc Taylor is an 8yr AirForce veteran. He has been a marksman and an exceptional service award staff sergeant. Taylor has also been a member of the F-16 fighter squadron and is. Marc worked as a flight line lead tech. He completed two tours overseas during the Iraqi freedom 2003–2009. Upon Taylor’s honorable discharge, he started working as a contractor and began investing in real estate 2009. ‘Today, I have opened 13 offices and serviced over 1million customers in South Florida, while earning 5stars on Google and visibility on 100s of affiliate sites.’ says Marc Taylor.

Achievements listed by Marc

Marc mentions that one of his achievements is becoming the CEO of Taylor Made Investors Llc. The company makes booming revenue of $2.1m annually reported on 2020 and dun and Bradstreet.

Marc revealing how he made for himself

Taylor says that he has provided over 1,000 distressed homes for buyers through rehab or acquisition from marketing to distressed sellers. Marc states that he has experience of being homeless, and it made him dedicate his life to providing wealth and housing for himself and the community. He believes that sheer hard work and a never-give-up attitude have helped him to develop a name for himself in the real estate industry.

Obstacles faced by Taylor in his career

Marc states that he has been criticized for his early appearance in the industry and has grown up around people who always demotivated him. Taylor believes that it’s more of a mental mind state of abundance that makes one successful, and not the obstacles that one goes through. ‘I believe in learning from failures and failing to win.’ marks Marc A Taylor.

Marc’s success in the real estate industry

Marc says that the online analytics from Google, Facebook, and other private sites prove that his company is among the top 1% in the industry and top %5 of . ‘I keep records of all my customers, website visitors, and demographic data.’ claims Taylor. He mentions that over 2 million people have visited his website. Marc is also fully licensed and insured and has won awards from the military and recommendation letters. His google website has good 5star online reviews from random customers, and word-of-mouth publicity works well for his company. Valuable advice by Marc Taylor

Taylor says that this is the time of technology and quick response. If one can be good at both things, then they can dominate any industry. Marc says that he has spent over $40,000 to develop his software and robots that engage with his customers. It has led him to high retention and helps him outshine his competition.



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