BILL DAWES is looking to change minds

Bill considers himself as a hidden gem, an untapped resource for the creation of quality content — as a writer and as a performer. Bill likes talking to or helping any person making big decisions in entertainment and winning prestigious awards. Bill has featured in over 50 television shows and films but is most proud of his work creating and developing new plays both Off-Broadway and on Broadway in New York.

Bill speaking about his father

Bill considers his father as one of the greatest humans he has ever known. His father spent 40 years of his life at a desk working on valves. He wanted Bill to be an engineer. “In his wizened golden years, he looks at me like “I don’t get it, but I see you do, and that’s what most important”, says Dawes.

He says that he has always been stumbling and failing and filled with self-doubt, but ultimately, he kind of gets it. There’s a matrix, and according to him, he’s one of the people who gets to step outside of it.

About Bill Dawes and his interests

Bill Dawes is an actor, comic, writer, producer who has dedicated his life to finding ways to make a cruel world seem silly. He says “I haven’t made a name for myself yet, but the people who do know me know that I’m hardworking, kind, funny, and churning out ideas constantly.” After receiving a nomination for best actor in a regional play, Bill went on to co-write, co-produce, and star in the indie film “Before the Sun Explodes,” currently on Amazon.

Concurrent with his work on Broadway, Bill began a headlining career both nationally and internationally. To date, Bill has performed stand-up in 32 states and 15 countries. Bill enjoys pitching jokes to well-known comics, writing lines that he sees acted out in a movie or on stage, or creating a new story on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Bill’s perspective and accomplishments

Bill had several articles published in publications like The New York Observer, Punchline Magazine, and Good Men Project. He has also written for several comics, including co-writing Jamie Kennedy’s Comedy Central Special ‘Uncomfortable’. Bill is also a professional breakdancer, a former Kundalini yoga teacher, and a current Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt. According to Bill, one should not focus on other people and not listen to the naysayers. Most people have something encoded in their DNA to bring other people down — either to their level or below it. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, they are just insecure and scared and they can’t help it. Unfortunately, it’s that same mentality that’s getting a lot of people and ideas cancelled in society.



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