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2 min readJul 12, 2021

Meet 808Riot, one of the most talented music artists from Australia. At the young age of 16 years, he is already a music producer, engineer, and artist. 808Riot has been working on his craft for over two years and continues to enhance his abilities.

808Riot speaking on how he made a name in the industry

808Riot states that he came into the music industry as an outsider with no connections at all. Over the past year, he has collaborated with various talented artists and made connections with some big names in the underground music scene. ‘Since I’m in Australia, there isn’t much of a way to grow and build connections locally. So I branch out to other countries such as the USA with a bigger music market.’ says 808Riot.

Accomplishments listed by 808Riot

808Riot has achieved quite a lot, considering the short period that he has spent in the music industry. He says that his major accomplishment is releasing his debut album: No Structure. It is a 12 track album with features from all different types of artists with different styles. 808Riot has produced all the tracks, and so far, the album has gained 400,000+ streams across all streaming platforms. He has also featured on some big Instagram pages, such as @rapmusic (4 million+ followers), which boosted 808Riot’s following and fan base.

Unique qualities possessed by 808Riot

808Riot says that since he entered the music industry at a very young age, he still has a lot of time and potential to do much more in the music industry. ‘I am very versatile as well with my producing since I make so many different styles of music.’ marks 808Riot.

808Riot elucidating the sole purpose of his work

808Riot says that he wants to bring his works of art to people all around the globe. He mentions that he is so dedicated to his music that he wants everyone to listen to it. 808Riot wishes to bring some sense of happiness to the listeners. ‘Making my music relatable to people going through certain situations or moments in their life is also a big vision of mine.’ marks 808Riot.

808Riot’s key to success

808Riot believes his work ethic and strong mindset to act as a key to his success. He always believes that new opportunities will come his way. Working for those opportunities and then getting them is very rewarding. That is what motivates 808Riot to keep pushing forward.



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