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2 min readJul 12, 2021

Brandon Turner is a freelance model based in New York. He is highly passionate about modeling and has entered into the industry with high hopes and aspirations. Turner is working and enough to achieve the success that he deserves while inspiring thousands of people to pursue their careers based on what they love to do.

Traits that help Brandon stand out from the crowd

A demonstrable proof that Brandon is in the top 1% of his industry is that his modeling portfolio isn’t like any other. ‘I believe my modeling photos have a unique style that stands out from the rest.’ says Turner. He believes that his photos would be considered inspirational for many other new models starting with modeling but don’t have any guidance. Brandon says that people would find his photographs in the top 1% as he is still achieving and learning so much in this field that will motivate many people.

The key to Turner’s success

Brandon says that the key to his success is to have a passion and driven mindset. ‘You have to have the right mindset to achieve whatever you want to do.’ says Brandon. These aspects have helped Turner throughout his career. He perceives that if one is passionate about something they love to do, they will never work a day in their life.

Brandon’s advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs

Brandon Turner says that to achieve success as an entrepreneur, one should do what they love and work hard. ‘Follow your passion and never give up on something you believe in.’ marks Turner. He suggests the budding entrepreneurs have a positive mindset towards their work as it will motivate them to accomplish any task.

Brandon’s thoughts on what he did correctly to achieve success

Brandon believes that he achieved because he was always himself. He says that one should be proud of who they are and never try to be someone else. It will help them build connections with other people as it did with Turner. He mentions that he likes to know people, and that has helped him in the modeling industry. ‘Doing this allowed me to have future opportunities.’ says Brandon.

Goals for 2021 planned by Turner

Brandon states that he wants to get booked by more clients and wishes to work with more creatives. Another goal stated by Brandon is to travel more and gain more experience in the industry. ‘Having these will increase my income, and I will be able to gain more knowledge from other people.’ says Turner.



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