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2 min readJul 22, 2021


It is great to follow our passion so that we achieve what we desire. However, one should be open to various options other than there passion. It is so because even if they don’t succeed at plan A, they have Plan B ready with them, either as a source of primary income or passive income, provided that one is fascinated with whatever they do. One such man exploring the world based on his interests and is doing well for himself is Damon Wilson.

Damon’s successful ventures

Damon graduated from college in 2020 on a basketball scholarship, after which he signed to a young money sports & lifestyles sports agency. During the pandemic, Wilson partnered with clothing brands such as Fashionova, Boohoomen, and Eptmsu clothing. At present, he is landing a modeling contract and continuing with his basketball career.

Wilson’s thoughts if Forbes approaches him for an interview

Damon says that he would like Forbes to perceive him as a sexy, intelligent, and humble young man who believes that his future is bright and promising.

Damon’s work profile

Damon Wilson graduated from Georgia State University in 2020. He is a professional basketball player, influencer, and model. Furthermore, Wilson also has a clothing company in progress and a haircare brand called ‘CwHairecare.’

Hurdles that came in Damon’s life

‘Some obstacles that I faced to get where I am now is one that I am still trying to conquer now, and that’s to always believe in yourself.’ says Damon. He says that one should not be afraid to take risks and the required steps to become what one dreams.

Wilson’s advice to the budding entrepreneurs

Damon suggests that one should stay open to change and not be resistant to it. It is so because no matter which field or environment one chooses to work in, it requires a new mindset.

Upcoming goals by Damon Wilson

Damon says that in 2021, he wants to have a successful basketball career. Another goal planned by him is to sign a modeling contract with a modeling agency.

Damon’s long-term vision

In the long run, Wilson wishes to become a millionaire and own a successful clothing brand. He feels that being successful will provide him the adequate freedom to give back to those in need, which he did not receive during his journey.



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