Philip Johansen is building his empire while empowering others

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2 min readApr 26, 2021

Philip helps other entrepreneurs market their products, and create solutions that make it easy for up-and-coming and struggling marketers to achieve success online. Philip says the key to his success has been an insane work ethic. He thanks his father for making him learn the work ethic.

By working hard, he got recognition from more people in the industry, made more connections, and was given more opportunities.

A brief about Philip’s work

Philip has created/co-created three award-winning digital products. His digital marketing solutions have positively impacted over 3,300 customers around the world. He has been able to provide financial support to his parents and immediate family in uncertain times. Philip is recognized as one of the fastest rising marketers in my affiliate marketing industry.

Philip shares his wisdom

Not getting a mentor, trusting marketers and when they said yes and not following up, promoting products without testing themselves were a few mistakes he made.

Over the years he has gained experience and has become wiser. He has learnt from his mistakes and help many to not fall into the same traps. One thing which has stuck with him is “to invest in and trust experts.

There’s so much to learn it would take a lifetime to do it on your own. Investing in people that have been there and done that has been a game-changer.”

Philip shares the best advice to someone trying to achieve success as an entrepreneur, “start by ‘defining your why’. He further states, “money can’t be the only why. It can be part, but it can’t be the primary reason because money will always come and go, so you need a deeper emotional reason to keep you motivated.”

Here is what Philip plans ahead

He is always motivated to work with people who want to help themselves. ”Show me that you try, and I’ll do everything I can to unlock opportunities only possible because of digital marketing. This industry can be “a way out” for people from all backgrounds, from anywhere in the world.”

He looks forward to helping 500 marketers who want a better life. He wants to develop and release only high-value solutions that fill a real need in the market.



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