Stavros Kapoulitsas, the young and growing entrepreneur who is setting an example for many

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2 min readMay 29, 2021

Stavros Kapoulitsas is a 21 years old young man, from Adelaide, South Australia. He currently works for his father’s Demolition Company, All-State Group Services where he is a supervisor. Stavros is also on TikTok, where he has managed to get his account to over 750k followers and is still growing.

Stavros Achievements and perspective

He gets good response from his followers and makes short videos with his antics that entertain people and make them laugh. Stavros’s perspective has always been different. He is someone who simply follows his instincts and does not moves in a different direction simply due to others. His approach to content making is unique. Everything that one can see on his social media is simply him being himself. He feels that he is part of a very small number of people who have gained their following through being genuine to themselves, contrary to following the biggest trends and making you a different person to be seen as watchable. He says” Whatever I do, whatever choice I make, it’s organic.”

Stavros purpose and advice to others

Stavros doesn’t have a long-term vision, he takes his work one day at a time. He considers himself fortunate and privileged to have what he has and feels proud of what his consistency has made him achieve and is grateful to those who have followed him so far. Thus he considers being genuine and entertaining in his content as his duty to those who followed him in the first place. He has yet to find his true passion and is trying to find his way and learn more every day. Stavros suggests to someone who’s trying to get into a similar position, that they should genuinely be themselves. While this may seem like a blanket statement, some people sacrifice and gamble their genuine character in exchange for what they perceive as success.

Stavros learnings and life-changing movement

There were times when Stavros thought too hard on the next post to make or the next video to create. These moments passed when he realized to himself that to enjoy what you do, you have to be organic and go with your gut feeling. The most life-changing moment in Stavros’s career came when he hit 10 thousand followers on TikTok. It was at this point where things started to stream roll.



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