The Financial Doctor, King McCray, on Success & Failure.

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3 min readMay 29, 2021

King is a leading entrepreneur and business pioneer. He has worked for where he is today. For nearly 15 years now, he owns and operates a private financial advisory and marketing firm, McCray Wealth Management. King and his team manage over $450 million in assets for several collective groups including families, sports figures, small business owners, artists, and top executives of Fortune 500 companies. As a driven entrepreneur and community activist, King fulfils multiple speaking engagements throughout the year to reach as many people as possible and inform them of their options for uncovering their financial confidence. There is a lack of knowledge in financial literacy and King’s firm assists in filling that void with a unique approach for wealth management, income planning, estate planning, and investment advice.

The secret behind King’s success

Success doesn’t come easy and it won’t come swiftly, but if you stick to the path that was laid and you follow the blueprint, make small changes, and just be you, you will continue to achieve that success. King took time to educate himself and learn from his mistakes. “I stumbled. I fell and got back up. I didn’t give in.”

Here is what inspired King McCray

King says, His family has been a huge inspiration for him. “Having a great support system and realizing that I have people depending on me pushes me every day. My wife helps me stay grounded and allows me to just run ideas by her which helps settle the hamsters running around on Red Bulls.” King teaches his kids, daily, the fundamental values of money. “Preparing them for a world that they can choose to impact, as well. Couple that with having a true passion for what I do the impact is 10x.”

An advice King would like to share

King says, “Never settle for less. I say that with so much vigour because it’s the truth. Don’t ever let someone diminish your spirit or your drive. Realize that every door closed is another opportunity elsewhere. Realize that every no will turn into a yes somewhere. You are valuable and your value will be appreciated. It will be a lot of late nights and early mornings, but if you take the time to invest in yourself, invest in your craft, and realize your worth — then the sky is the limit. Use the drive within you to create your success. Others can’t want it more than you do. Vision boards, writing down the goals, setting a timeline for completing tasks, or having a business coach are all successful tools I used and some that you could utilize too.”

King’s upcoming plans

King is in the process of launching a clothing line called, Wealthonaire, which focuses on financial literacy and having confidence in your money. He is also launching Wealthonaire University soon, which will be an online-based university that focuses on educating individuals with their money. There will be courses on investing, budgeting, money management.



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