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3 min readJul 12, 2021

Jack Careedy, the 17-Year-old Photographer from Melbourne Australia who knew anything is possible. At a very young age, Jack is fortunate to visit over 20 countries and have learnt a lot through his experiences. “I love to capture the world through my lens. I have experienced a lot of different cultures and I’ve got to connect with people all around the globe. I have had a passion for using a camera ever since I bought my first DSLR back in 2016 when I was exploring Japan. I love the process of creating and the way that I can express myself through photography and film making. My favourite part of photography is being able to connect with other like-minded creators who I can work together with and become lifelong friends”, Jack stated.

Obstacles faced by Jack

The obstacles that Jack faced to get to where he is now is his age. When people approached Jack for work, they considered him only a teenager and immediately doubt his work just because he is who “doesn’t have much experience. Throughout the years, he has been able to create a portfolio that is very professional and therefore the clients have now started to disregard his age and finally Jack has been able to create amazing films and professional photographs that these companies have been blown away by and are very happy with the outcome.

Here is what makes Jack different from the industry

Jack has made a name for himself in the photography industry by having a very unique travel portfolio on Instagram. His journey started when Jack was working for his mother’s friend taking photos at events and family functions and further transitioned into professional client work. “It all started with word of mouth, I would plug myself at events so that people would use me for their next event, that was a very successful strategy that I found was very effective”, Jack said. Then clients started to find him through Instagram as he started to build a bigger following and since then he has been working with loads of different people all over Melbourne. Being so young and achieving so much is very motivating and inspiring for the people. Also, the fact that his travel portfolio is unlike no other, makes him different in this industry.

An advice Jack would like to share

“Advice that I would give to other photographers would be don’t rush your work. I didn’t want my photos to look like everyone else’s. I wanted to create and capture emotions and feelings which was original content that had a meaning behind it. So I perused creating my style and made sure it stood out”, Jack said. You need to grow and learn every day to become a better artist. Originality and hard work is the key to improvement.

Jack’s purpose for life

Jack’s biggest purpose is to inspire other like-minded creators to create art. He would love to see people connecting and coming together because of the thing they love which is photography. “The reason why I’ve been able to accomplish so much is that I had a passion nothing in the world is ever accomplished without passion. Passion is energy. The moment I pick up that camera I am instantly in my zone and completely focused on capturing the best image possible”, Jack remarked.



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